Risks Associated With Vaccination

Vaccination is one important component of a good preventive health program to protect pets from serious illnesses. When a vaccine is administered, the immune system of the animal is stimulated to produce antibodies that will provide protection against the specific illness. However, the stimulation may also lead to the development of mild symptoms like fever, soreness at the site of injection, and allergic reactions. 

Just like any medical procedure, vaccines have its risks but needless to say, vaccination has saved countless lives against serious infectious diseases. It should be noted that the percentage of side effects of vaccinations is small. Most pets don’t develop any adverse reactions when vaccinated. While most reactions to vaccines are minor and resolve with time without medical attention, there are reactions that require immediate veterinary care. Signs of vaccination reactions include fever, loss of appetite, digestive upsets (vomiting and/or diarrhea), facial swelling, hives, pain or swelling around the injection site. 

You should consult your veterinarian Marion, IA if you have questions and/or concerns about pet vaccines and vaccination


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