How Much Dry Food To Feed Your Puppy

Did you know that puppies generally require more than twice the energy intake of adult dogs? Depending on the breed of the puppy, the diet should contain between 25-30% protein. A dog’s adult size is determined by his genes and not by how fast he grows. When puppies are given more food than what they really read, they can grow too rapidly. And this can have negative consequences on their health and well-being. For small canine breeds, adult weight is often reached by the time they are 9-12 months of age. Medium-, large-, and giant-breed puppies benefit from controlled feeding because they are prone to developing bone or joint problems when they eat too much at this stage of their development. 

When introducing puppy food at 3-4 weeks old, start with small amounts of moistened puppy food. Gradually increase the amount until the puppies are completely weaned at 7-8 weeks. 

Your pet’s diet is one of the important concerns that you should discuss with your vets North Phoenix, AZ  during your pet’s health and wellness checks. 


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