Can I Feed My Dog Table Scraps?

Feeding table scraps to your dog depends on your dog and the type of table scraps you have. If you own a small teacup Yorkie then feeding him table scraps of leftover meat and potatoes is probably not ideal. Your pup is too small for such food. You could probably give him a small piece of lean meat but not very much and not very often. Keep in mind too that food from the table may be seasoned with different spices that could upset your dog’s stomach. If you want to feed your dog pieces of chicken do so with chicken that is plain, boiled or baked without seasoning and without skin. Larger dogs may be able to digest larger foods such as a piece of steak or chicken. Place food from the table in your dog’s bowl so he won’t learn to beg at the table. For more tips, call your vet Sugar Land, TX.


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