Can Cats Be Impregnated by Multiple Cats ?

If you’re a cat owner and you’re looking to breed your cat or you have a cat that has given birth to a mix breed of kittens then you may be wondering if multiple impregnation for cats is possible. Well, although some believe it’s just a myth there is actual research that proves it true. Cats can be impregnated by multiple cats which can lead to various colors or marking on kittens within the same litter. How does this happen? Females actually continue their heat cycle even when pregnant. Multiple eggs are released during the cycle which typically lasts from a week to two weeks but could be from 3 to 20 days. This enables multiple fathers so to speak or ‘spuerfecudity’ as it is referred to. Although there can be multiple dads, it is rare for the kittens to be different ages. Talk to your professional animal hospital Eau Claire WI to learn more.


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