Lifestyle Changes to Manage Gingivitis in Cats

If your cat has developed gingivitis don’t stress too much. Make sure you talk with your vet and have your cat on regular dental visits with your vet for treatment and follow up care. Gingivitis can cause a lot of inflammation and be painful for your cat, but once it’s caught it can be treated and your cat can find relief. In addition to vet care, you can also help your cat at home. Talk to your vet about using a cat friendly toothbrush and toothpaste for your cat. Ask for help in knowing how to brush your cat’s teeth as well. In addition, add crunchy cat food to your cat’s diet. Crunchy cat food can help naturally breakdown food, tartar and plaque which can help prevent gingivitis from occurring again or becoming worse. You may also want to consider annual professional dental cleanings for your cat. Consult with your Rochester, NY vet to learn more. Or click here.


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