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Positive Reinforcement During Dog Training

Always be ready to reward good behavior and give punishment using accepted ways. Good behavior and/or correct responses can be rewarded with a single treat. The dog won’t know the difference whether you give one or five cookies. A word of praise, a pat in the head and a treat will go a long way in telling your pet you are pleased. There are dog owners who even out their rewards with a lot of punishments when a dog does not behave as expected or when he exhibits negative behavior. Whatever may be the case, giving out lots of rewards and handing out too many punishments can adversely hamper your dog’s training regimen. It is best not to over-reward or over-punish a dog’s behavior. You can utter a single phrase of praise when a dog behaves positively. Each time you say the phrase, your dog will know that you are pleased with him. For many dog trainers, a single tug on a dog’s cord is enough to let a dog know that you are not pleased with his behavior.

Any change in your pet’s behavior should be brought to the attention of your Aurora, CO vet. 


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