Cats Ears Rotate 180 Degrees

Did you know that a cat’s ears can actually rotate in 180 degrees? Wow! How is this possible? Well, a cat’s ears are made up of three parts. Those parts include the external ea, the middle ear, and the inner ear. If you’re watching your cat move her ears in all kinds of odd directions then you’re watching her outer external ear at work. This part of the ear moves the easiest. In fact, experts believe the ear is serving as a funnel in that it moves towards the sound and then moves that sound into the middle or inner ear where it identifies the sound. This enables cats to pinpoint the location of a sound up to three feet away. By rotating each year in a 180 degree direction the cat can have surround sound with a combined two ear rotation of 360 degrees. To learn more about this unique feature of a cat, talk with your veterinary clinic Webster, NY.


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