The American Curl a.k.a. Peter Pan

Ever heard of a cat referred to as Peter Pan? Well, the American Curl has earned this nickname. Why? Because he is so playful and acts like a kitten pretty much all throughout its life. The American Curl is quite literally the cat that never grows up. This feline has a lot of energy to spare and enjoys playing, frolicking, hunting, and just being part of the crowd. He enjoys playing on his own and with other pets and other people. This unique breed first came on stage in 1981. The American Curl is mainly known for its curled ears. They ear have a curve or natural curve to them. The cat is also known for its different coat colors and its long or short hair length coat. The American Curl is a great cat for families as they do well with other pets and they do well with children of all ages. If you’d like to learn more about this breed, call your vets Marin County, CA.


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