Interesting Facts About the American Wirehair

Have you heard of the American Wirehair cat? This cat came about in 196 on a farm in New York. The farmers had bred two American Shorthair cats yet because of a genetic mutation not all of the litter turned out the same. One cat in particular had a wiry looking coat. This breed is one of America’s first naturally occurring mutations to be considered a purebred. In fact the Cat Fancier’s Association (CFA) classified the wirehair as the rarest of the 41 recognized breeds of feline. The unique coat presents a wiry appearance yet it is both coarse and soft. The cat itself has a loving personality and is very affectionate and loyal to its family. The cat is also sociable and does well with other pets and children of all ages. The cat is known in the show ring and among breeders and may be difficult to locate as a pet. Give your vet Webster, NY a call for assistance.


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