Beginner Iguana Care

Your iguana can be a fun pet but he will need specialized care. Set up an enclosure that is about three times longer than your pet. Since iguanas climb well, ensure the sides are high. Iguanas grow quickly so purchase an enclosure that accommodates this growth. Use heat lamps to keep a consistent temperature in the enclosure. Keep your iguana comfortable with both standard daylight lamps and night lamps that provide heat without light. Use water and bubblers to provide your iguana with the proper humidity. Put branches in the enclosure for your iguana to climb on. Install an easily cleaned and comfortable base. Your iguana subsists on a vegetarian diet. You need to shred the vegetables so your iguana can eat them easily. Learn about all of your iguana’s particular needs before you bring one home. And make sure you schedule time to handle and socialize with your pet. Learn more from your Sandwich, MA veterinary clinic. Or visit this website and set an appointment.


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