Understanding Your Cat's Constipation

Your cat may suffer from occasional bouts of constipation. This can be quite worrying to owners. The lack of fiber and dehydration are leading causes of constipation. Consider any household changes that may be affecting your cat. A recent change of foods could lead to constipation. A new wet food might not have enough fiber or your cat might not like the food so she might fill up on dry food. Environmental changes such as houseguests, construction workers or new household members are stressful and they can restrict your cat’s movement around the house. She might not drink much water if she can’t get to her water bowl easily. Your cat may hold in feces if she can’t get to the litter box regularly. Thus her stools may be hard to pass. Kidney issues and other health problems could lead to constipation. Make an appointment with your Bourne, MA veterinary clinic to evaluate any constipation issues.


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