Adopting an Adult Cat

Adopting an adult cat is not just adopting someone else’s problems. Adult cats may be looking for a new home because conditions changed in their original home and they were surrendered for adoption. They also might become available because their owners become allergic to cats or the family moves where they can’t have pets. An adult cat may even outlive her owner. On the positive side, you know what you are getting with an adult cat. Adult cats are usually litter box trained and you can see their personality type. You can avoid the crazy activity of a kitten. Your adult cat will need a transition period to find her place in your household. Set up her feeding station, litter box, and a bed. Wait for your new adult cat to approach you for cuddling and petting. Be patient and treat her with kindness. Learn more from your  veterinary clinic Green Bay, WI. Visit this website for more information.


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