My Dog ate a Crayon

Dogs tend to eat a lot of things that they shouldn’t and as long as you catch them, take away the object and ensure they don’t do it again they will most likely be fine. If there’s any doubt in what your dog eats or the quantity call your vet right away. Your vet can give you the best advice. Don’t rely on self diagnosis or internet articles. Always ask an expert vet. You also need to make sure the crayon your dog ate is non-toxic. Most crayons now days are, but double check by reading the label of the crayon or crayons from the same pack as the one your dog ate. Call your pet poison control hotline if the crayon is toxic or not listed as non toxic. If it’s non toxic, call your vet and then watch your dog for signs on constipation or stomach upset. Your vet Louisville, CO may warn you that your dog could have colorful poop. Learn more here


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