Cats Need To Scratch

Yes! It is a natural instinct that you can’t put a stop short of having your pet’s nails declawed, a procedure that many experts and animal rights advocate think is inhumane. 

If you have a problem with your pet’s scratching behavior because he likes to run his claws on the carpet, walls, or furniture, you should create opportunities to encourage your pet’s behavior “legally”. Have a scratching post or two for your furball. Be sure it is sturdy enough so it won’t topple over. The post should be at least 3 feet high so the cat can stretch his body while scratching. If he keeps on ignoring a new scratching post, try placing the post where he spends most of his time playing. Rubbing some catnip may also perk his interest to investigate the post. 

Some cats may need help keeping their nails well-trimmed. Nail-trimming should be introduced as early as possible as some cats hate the procedure especially when they have had the unfortunate experience of being injured while trimming. 

You can also ask your veterinarian Oshawa, ON to show you nail trimming is properly done. 


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