Fun Toys for Your Pet Bird

Playing with toys gives your bird the chance to exercise and mental stimulation to keep him from getting bored. Use toys when socializing your bird outside the cage. Keep in mind that toy play is your bird’s main activity when you are out. Give your bird a variety of toys but not so many that it is difficult to move around. Choose toys with textures and feel interesting to your bird’s mouth and feet. Bright, brilliant toys are fun since your bird can see colors. A variety of fun shapes, sizes and sounds make toys fun for your bird. Most birds enjoy mirrored surfaces, climbing apparatus and swings. Select toys that are an appropriate size and weight for your bird. Your bird will chew on its toys so make sure that all parts are secure and won’t break off to be swallowed. Dyes or woods should be non-toxic. Learn more from your veterinary clinic London, ON. Visit this website for more information.


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