What Is The Best Way To Protect Your Pet Dog Against Kennel Cough?

Just like other medical conditions, “prevention is better than a pound of cure” when it comes to kennel cough in dogs. Here are precautionary measures to protect your pet against the condition:

  • Avoid close, confined places where dogs come into close contact with other dogs, such as in dog kennels, pet shows, dog parks, etc. 
  • Allow your pet to socialize only with healthy pets in environments that are clean and well-ventilated. 
  • Check out your pet’s grooming and boarding facilities to make sure that they maintain hygiene and sanitation in their premises. 
  • A dog with kennel cough should never be allowed to socialize and interact with other dogs. The animal should be quarantined or isolated for 10-14 days while the illness runs its course. Disinfection of the dog’s immediate environment including his bedding, toys, etc. should also be undertaken. 
  • There are vaccines that can help protect pet dogs from kennel cough. Considering that there are various types of bacteria and viruses that causes the problem, vaccines can only give protection against specific causative agents, not all. The most common types of vaccines for kennel cough can only protect pet dogs against Bordetella or canine parainfluenza virus. 

Talk to your veterinarians Aurora, CO about the best way to protect your pet against kennel cough. 


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