Your Hamster’s Diet

Your hamster is small so he may not eat more than a few tablespoons of food each day. Thus it is important to provide a nutritionally complete diet. Start with high-quality hamster pellets. Seed mixes can supplement his dietbut your hamster will pick foods he likes and leave the rest. The amount of food your hamster needs depends on his size and breed. Your hamster may stash pellets aroundhis cage to eat later in the day. Ceramic bowls work well since they can’t be tipped over easily. Your hamster will enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables as treats throughout the week. Be careful to choose fruits and vegetables that have a high nutritional value. Ensure your hamster has access to fresh, clean water at all times. A water bottle works better than a bowl.Bowls can be knocked over or contaminated with food, droppings and bedding. For more information, contact your most trusted veterinarians Marin County CA.


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