Exercise Trackers for Dogs

Did you know that there are exercise trackers for dogs? That’s right, similar to a Fitbit for a person, your canine can now have a tracker that shows how much he is moving around and exercising through the day. These trackers often fit on the dog’s collar and connect to a SmartPhone. The downloadable app can show you anything from the amount of steps your dog takes to his actual movement or exercise time, sleep time, heart rate while at rest, heart rate while in motion, and more! If you’re worried your dog isn’t moving enough, try this tracker to see how much exercise he gets while you’re away at work. Most dogs sleep a lot during the day and need to be walked in the evening and morning to get enough exercise. But if your pup isn’t wanting to walk in the afternoons it may be because he’s busy while you’re away. Use the tracker to find out! For more ideas, call your veterinary clinic Lakeville, MN.


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