Tips To Get Your Cat Into His Carrier

Getting a cat into his carrier is a common problem among pet owners, more so when the cat associates his carrier with a trip to the vet or the groomers. Understanding why your cat hates his carrier and creating positive associations with the carrier thru scents can help a cat view his carrier in a positive light. 

Cats hate being out of their comfort zones. When they are placed inside a carrier, it is almost always to go somewhere else. Being in a moving vehicle upsets their sense of balance and being away from their territory means having to face a deluge of strange sights, sounds, smells, etc. 

A cat’s sense of smell is extremely sensitive. When the scent of the cat carrier is more familiar to your kitty, he will feel more comfortable and is able to tolerate being inside for the trip. One way to do this is to spray the carrier with a cat pheromone product at least 15 minutes before the cat is placed inside. Placing your cat’s bedding or pillow is also a good idea. 

Sudden changes in your pet’s health and/or behavior should be reason enough to make an appointment with your veterinary clinic Pickerington, OH. 


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