Managing Your Cat’s Inappropriate Nighttime Activities

Your cat is crepuscular. Thus she will be more alert at dawn and dusk. This may cause problems if your cat chooses the dawn hours for her most rambunctious active times. Don’t try to keep your cat awake all day. This will not ensure that she sleeps at night but it could stress your cat. She might get cranky and lash out at you. Use the dusk awake hours to your advantage. Make sure your cat gets plenty of exercise during this time so she feels normal fatigue. Fatigue can help your cat sleep better at night. Give your cat fun toys to play with outside your bedroom. This may distract her so she won’t wake you. Do your best to ignore your cat if she jumps on you or yowls at you at inappropriate times. Otherwise you could reinforce this behavior as the right thing to do. Contact your animal hospital Seminole, FL to learn more.


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