Parasitic Skin Disease

When a cat or a dog appears to be scratching, licking, and chewing certain parts of his body because of intense itching, one of the first things that a veterinarian will look for are external parasites. Fleas, ticks, mites, and lice feed off the blood of their hosts or the skin cells on the surface of the skin. This can cause a lot of itching and discomfort. Some pets are hypersensitive to flea saliva that even a bite from a single flea or two can trigger a lot of itching leading to the formation of scabs and sores. 

When the type of parasite is identified, the immediate goal is to get rid of them. Generally, the skin problems clear up once the parasites have been eliminated. Parasite prevention in pets should be a year-round program. Although there are certain seasons of the year when parasites are most active, they are ubiquitous and hardy creatures, which means they can exist in the pet’s immediate environment throughout the year. 

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