How to Know if Your Dog is Deaf

Are you concerned that your dog doesn’t hear you as well as before? If your dog is aging then it’s most likely that he is beginning to lose his hearing. Like people, dogs can lose their hearing as they mature and age. If you call your dog and he doesn’t come nor does he act like he even heard you calling then try to call louder. If this doesn’t work, move closer to your dog and call very loudly. This should cause a response of some kind. Knowing you had to go closer and get louder is also an indication that your dog’s hearing is going. Although this seems to be a sad time, remember that when one sense fails the others take over. Even though your dog can’t hear anymore, he can still see, smell, taste, and touch. Allow your dog to use his other senses to figure things out. Your vet Ellicott City, MD can help. Schedule an appointment today!


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