Are Parrots Noisy Birds?

Parrots can definitely make themselves heard. Some can be noisy but they don’t think so. There are parrots that like to sing all day while others like to talk all day. Some parrots are even known to screech or scream if they don’t feel like they’re getting enough attention. Sounds like your parrot? Then he’s pretty normal. What’s not normal is having your bird screen and scream non-stop or most of the day. This could be a sign that something is wrong especially if it doesn’t stop when you give him non-stop attention. Excessively loud or noisome parrots may be trying to tell you that they’re hungry, don’t feel well, are lonely or board. If your usually quiet parrot is all of the sudden noisy for days on end call your vet. Likewise, if your usually loud and noisy parrot is quiet for several days, call your reputed vet Orangevale, CA .


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