Do Ferrets Need to be Vaccinated?

Yes, ferrets definitely need to be vaccinated just like other pets. Although these creatures are small and are often thought of as pocket pets, they are actually characterized as exotic pets and need vaccines like most other pets. Vaccinations may or may not be mandatory in your area, however, so you will need to check with your vet. If you’ve recently purchased or adopted your ferret, schedule a first time visit with your vet and ask about vaccines. A general vaccination program will have your ferret receive a Canine Distemper vaccine and a Rabies vaccines. Even if your ferrets don’t go outside they should still be vaccinated. You never known when they might escape or come in contact with an infected animal. Your veterinarian Thorold, ON can tell you that there is almost always a 100% mortality rate for ferrets that have been unvaccinated and come in contact with Canine Distemper. 


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