What are Mites in Dogs?

If you’ve heard someone talk about mites in dogs then you may be wondering just what mites are. Well, mites are like ticks in that they are arthropods that belong to the same scientific family. Mites can cause a lot of trouble for your dog and your family. The typical mite is called the Cheyletiella and it is a highly contagious parasite that feeds on the layers of a dog’s skin. If your dog has mites then you and your family may have them too. Mites can live off other hosts and can easily transmit to people. An infestation of mites is often treated in a way similar to treating a flea infestation. You call your vet, buy vet recommended mite treatment products, and treat your home, bedding, pet’s bedding, etc. Most of the time this will take care of the infestation however two rounds of treatment may be needed. For more information, give your Pleasanton, CA vet a call.


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