Tear Duct Blockage in Cats

Did you know that cats can have tear duct blockages? If your cat has watery eyes, irritated eyes, or the eyes appear to be swollen, contact your vet and schedule a checkup. There could be numerous causes for these symptoms and one possible cause could be a blockage in the tear ducts. The medical term for a blocked tear duct is Epiphora. The illness refers to a condition in which the tears are unable to drain through the ducts. The cause for the blockage could be allergies, the environment, or even the actual shape of the cat’s eyes. For instance, cats with an oval or oblong shaped eye may experience Epiphora more than other breeds. You should look for other signs or symptoms in your cat as well. Your vet Savannah, GA will need to conduct an exam in order to make a diagnosis and recommend treatment. Visit this website for more information.


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