Toxic Foods for Hamsters: Tomato Leaves

We all love to feed our pets snacks and treats, but there is definitely a time and place to do so. We should also watch out what we’re feeding our pets for snacks. What we think is healthy may not be healthy for them. For instance, don’t feed your hamsters tomatoes. Sure, the tomato itself may be OK after all it’s filled with all kinds of nutrients and vitamins. However, the tomato leave is what is highly dangerous and even toxic for pets both big and small. You can feed a tomato but at all costs do not feed the leaves out. You can feed your hamster small pieces of vegetables and fruit (i.e. carrots and apples). Your hamster may also like hay in which you can feed small pieces of that as well. Keep your hamster safe and avoid foods you’re unsure of or call your Fort Collins, CO veterinary clinic for help. Learn more here.


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