How to Exercise your Gerbil

Did you know that gerbils need exercise just like other pets (i.e. dogs and cats)? Even though your pocket pet is small and may not spend time outside of his cage he still needs to move around. If you need tips for exercising your gerbil just give your vet a call. One way you can help your gerbil stay on the move is to get him an exercise wheel to run on inside of the cage or even an exercise ball for outside of his cage. The exercise ball gives your gerbil the freedom of running around the house while inside a safe and protective ball. Just be sure to supervise your gerbil especially if you have other pets in the home. You can also help your gerbil get exercise by placing platforms and tunnels in his cage to encourage him to explore and move around. For more ideas, click this site Moore Animal Hospital, or give your Fort Collins, CO veterinarian a call.


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