Sneezing in Hamsters

Many animals sneeze on occasion including hamsters. You’ve probably heard a little high pitched sneeze or some type of squeal or cough on occasion. This is routine or common for hamsters. What you should be on the lookout for or listening for is an excessive sneeze and cough that happens frequently. This can be dangerous and requires a veterinarian visit right away. In some cases the sneezing is simply the result of an irritant in the nose or throat. For instance, dust, pollen and other allergens. However, the sneeze could be a sign of illness and infection. Only your veterinarian will be able to determine this through an exam. Other signs to look out for besides sneezing includes watery eyes, watery nose or even a discharge coming from the eyes or nose. Also watch for changes in behavior and appetite. Consult with your vet Fort Collins, CO for more information.


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