Why Overweight Cats Can Have A Stinky Rear End

When a cat is overweight or obese, it is prone to developing an undesirable odor from the rear end. This can be attributed to any of the following:

  •  While grooming, they are unable to reach their behind which can eventually lead to the formation of mats and tangled hairs on their rear end. The matted hair can catch urine or fecal material.
  •  When a cat gains weight, skin and fat folds form around his anal area and genitals. These folds can catch urine and are often difficult for the cat to clean when grooming themselves.
  • The cat’s inability to groom himself thoroughly can cause urine to sit on the skin which can eventually attract bacteria which can lead to more undesirable odor. This can also increase a cat’s risk to developing a skin infection. 
  • Your overweight cat will benefit from regular grooming assistance. Use babe wipes to keep the area around his anus and genitals clean and odor-free. Consult your veterinarian Leesburg, VA on how to help your cat lose the excess weight in a healthy manner. 


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