Temperament Of Iguanas

Did you know that iguanas have engaging personalities? Yes, they can develop social skills and get used to human interaction when they are are handled regularly while they are still young. In fact, iguanas that are closely bonded to their owners follow them around like a dog. 

Iguanas can bite and they can do real damage. This is one important reason to get them used to being around humans and handling. It is like socialization in puppies. Positive experiences with people that start while they are still very young make them more friendly and enjoy the company of their owners. 

Iguanas are known to transmit Salmonella. Thus, anyone handling iguanas can be at risk of salmonellosis. Even when the iguana doesn’t show symptoms of the problem, it can still excrete bacteria which can pose a risk to people. To protect you and your family fro potential infection, good hygiene and sanitation should always be observed. After handling the iguana or any of its things or its enclosure, be sure to wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water. 

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