Acne In Dogs

Have you noticed red swollen bumps on your pet dog’s skin? This can actually be acne (also called folliculitis or furunculosis). The problem occurs when there is an inflammatory process in the hair follicles (folliculitis) or a bacterial infection affecting the hair follicles (furunculosis). Acne in dogs usually develop on their muzzles and belly, but it could develop anywhere on their body. 

There are experts who believe that canine acne is influenced by hormones, but genetics since some breeds appear to be more prone to having acne. Some of these breeds include Great Danes, mastiffs, rottweilers, weimaraners, and German short-haired pointers. 

The severity of the problem can range from mild to severe. The acne appear as red, swollen bumps on the skin and there may be hair loss in affected areas. If secondary bacterial infection is present, the acne may be oozing. Acne can cause pain and discomfort to affected dogs. 

Any skin problem that you notice on your pet should be checked out by a veterinary clinic Bee Cave TX


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