My Cat Won’t Come In at Night

Do you allow your cat to stay out during the day to roam around? A lot of cat owners do this. However, some have problems getting their cat to come in at night. Most cats are pretty routine animals and will be waiting at the door before they’re called. Other cats may have traveled too far away to hear the call, but could show up a little later purring to get back in the house. If your cat doesn’t come when called keep checking every 10 to 15 minutes to see if she has returned. If it gets late and still no sign, set out water and possibly one of her blankets to she can pick up the scent. Make sure she has access to shelter (i.e. leave the garage door cracked). If your cat doesn’t come back the next day, call your vet clinic Roanoke, VA and area shelters to ask if they’ve seen her.


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