Why Your Pet Ferret Needs Dental Care

Tooth and gum problems are common among pets even with ferrets. Genetics, diet, and dental checks play an important role in an animal’s dental health. Ferrets are carnivores and their sharp teeth are designed to tear up meat and cut small bones. Unlike herbivores, ferrets have no molars so they are unable to grind grains or any type of hard food. 

An ideal diet for pet ferrets include whole prey items such as mice or fresh meat twice a day. Some ferret owners give raw chicken necks or wings. Avoid giving them cooked or cut into small pieces. The meat must be large enough so that the ferret won’t be able to swallow it whole and needs to chew it carefully. 

Ferrets benefit from health checks at a pet clinic Michigan City, IN at least every 6 months. These visits are excellent opportunities to spot health issues early and have your pet’s teeth checked. There may be a need for dental cleaning in which the ferret needs to be placed under general anesthesia for the procedure. Wellness checks are also opportunities to discuss your pet’s diet and other important concerns that affect your pet’s health and well-being. 


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