Early Signs Of Arthritis In Dogs

Arthritis is one of the most common problems dogs are brought in for treatment. Affected pets suffer from pain and discomfort. They may also have problems moving around. With age, a dog’s tends and ligaments supporting the joints lose their elasticity and start to degenerate until the bones of the joint start to rub together. Unfortunately, arthritis can’t be cured. The good news is there are now treatment regiments that can greatly improve an arthritic pet’s quality of life as pain and discomfort is significantly reduced. Early detection of arthritis symptoms can go a long way in addressing the issue and slowing down the progress of the condition. Among the early signs that you should watch out for include stiffness, limping, reduced interest in activities that they once liked, have trouble getting around, lack of flexibility, licking or nibbling at sore spots, sudden changes in behavior. 

If you suspect your pet dog has arthritis, contact your veterinary clinic Cy-Fair for an appointment. 


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