Ear Care in Dogs

Part of your dog’s overall health and wellness plan should include checking his ears on a daily basis. You can do this simply by lifting up the ear and looking inside to make sure there are no signs of dried blood, drainage or gook, or irritation and inflammation. If there is, notify your vet. Ear care in dogs also includes wiping down the outer ear on a routine basis to keep it clean and wax free. Wax can attract insects which can caught in the ear and cause agitation and irritation. If your dog swims a lot, use a vet approved ear drop to quick dry the ears to avoid any type of ear ache or infection from occurring. There are several at home remedies that can be used to clean the ear or treat them for infections. Witch hazel is a main ingredient in homeopathic ear cleansers. For more information, talk with your Hyattsville, MD veterinary clinic.


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