Taking your American Water Spaniel to the Dentist

If you’ve ever been to the dentist then you know it can be a little intimidating to have someone look in your mouth and poke and prod at your teeth. But the dentist is necessary to help make sure you have clean and healthy teeth and gums. The same is true for your canine companion. For instance, if you own an American Water Spaniel, part of his overall health and wellness care should include a trip to a dental vet or to your own vet for a specified dental appointment. As with people, dogs should have their teeth brushed daily. You can ask your vet for a dog friendly toothpaste and toothbrush. Some dog owners have found that using gauze to wipe away excessive tartar is just as effective as a toothbrush for their pup. Routine professional cleanings are also necessary especially as your dog ages. For more details, talk with your veterinarian Fox Chapel, PA.


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