Does your cat rub up against you often?

Your cat is an affectionate little fur ball, and you find her rubbing up against you often. You’ve always taken this as a sign that she loves you, but sometimes you will see her doing the same things against others and even furniture in your home. Is there another meaning behind this behavior?

Rubbing up against you could be your pet’s way of letting you know that she cares or that she is wanting some attention. However, it is also a way your pet marks her territory. She has scent glands in various areas of her body and rubbing against you is one way she uses these to put some of her scent onto you. She does this so other animals will smell her scent and know that she considers you to belong to her. This is also why she rubs up against other items in your home. For additional information, please contact your local Somerville, MA veterinarian.


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