Dog Peeing On Bed - Is It A Behavioral Problem?

A dog peeing on the bed can be caused by medical or behavioral issues. Let us tackle the behavioral cause of the problem. 

A lack of housetraining is a top reason for inappropriate elimination in dogs. The behavior is more common among puppies. But with proper training and positive reinforcement, the problem can be easily addressed. If your dog pees on your bed or anywhere in your home, never try to correct the behavior with punishment. Shouting at your pup or punishing him can only confuse your pet and is actually counterproductive. It can only increase your pup’s anxiety which can make the problem worse. 

A dog that gets easily excited or anxious is more prone to temporary lose of bladder control. This is quite common in puppies because they are still learning to control their bladder. 

If your pup or adult dog jumps on your bed and pee, it is best to try to identify what is causing him to behave this way. Jumping up on your bed may be associated with feelings of anxiety or excitement. 

Sudden changes in your pet’s behavior should be checked out by your veterinarian Westminster, MD. Make an appointment at this website Taylorsville Veterinary Clinic.


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