Barn Cats

If you’ve been to a barn or around a farm with animals like horses than you may have also noticed a few cats lurking around. Cats do pretty well in barns as they are often used to chase away mice and other small animals that can nibble on spilled grain and food and become a nuisance. Did you know that some shelters in rural farming areas actually have a ‘barn cat’ program in which they place feral cats not suitable for in home living to live in barns or on farms? This allows the cat to have a home where he receives food and water yet also gives him the opportunity to live outdoors and hunt mice and other prey. Barn cats tend to get along well with their barn buddies especially horses. Cats have often been seen nuzzling a horse nose and allow the horse to scratch at its fur. Talk to your Webster, NY vet if you’re looking for a barn cat. Click here to know more.


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