Treating Myelopathy Paresis and Paralysis

Has your cat been diagnosed with myelopathy paresis and paralysis? If so, talk with your vet and veterinary team to learn more about the diagnosis and how you can help your cat. Myelopathy paresis and paralysis is a disease that primarily involves the spinal cord, which can cause muscle weakness, limb weakness (paresis) or loss of feeling or complete mobility (paralysis) in cats. Because this illness can mimic other illnesses, the diagnosis process can be extensive and include various test ranging from routine blood work and a urinalysis to CT-scans, MRIs and even a sample of cerebrospinal fluid to test. Treatment for the illness includes repair of fractures if bone fractures have occurred as well as treating the main cause of the myelopathy paresis and paralysis. For instance if there is infection or underlying illnesses then those will be treated first. Talk to your Rochester, NY veterinarian to learn more.


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