Do Outside Cats Need Veterinary Attention?

Whether you cat lives indoors or outdoors he should see a veterinarian on a routine basis. Why? Because all cats need preventive care that includes annual testing for illnesses such as FeLV virus and heartworms. Cats also need to be vaccinated regularly for rabies, lyme (depending on the area), distemper or a combo vaccine which is one shot for feline distemper rhinotracheitis, and calicivirus.  These are basic core vaccines that often need to be repeated every few years. Your cat, if living outside, could be exposed to these diseases simply by being around other wild animals or unvaccinated cats. Casts living indoors could also be exposed if they meet a cat that hasn’t been vaccinated. It’s important for your cat to see a vet routinely to also build a medical history. Should your cat needed emergency treatment, your vets Rochester, NY will already have basic information needed to start treatment.


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