Myths Relating to Sugar Glider

Did you know that the sugar glider is a small nocturnal exotic pocket pet? Did you know that some people have referred to this little one as a gliding possum or a flying squirrel? Sugar gliders are very similar to flying squirrels in that they can glide through the air, but they are not the same. Sugar gliders are in a class all of their own. What sugar gliders aren’t are easy to keep run of the mill pocket pets that require little to no upkeep and maintenance. Sugar gliders are thought to be minute pocket pets that don’t require vet visits or care. This is a myth. Sugar gliders need vet checks just like other pets. Sugar gliders are also not rodents. This is another myth. Sugar gliders are actually marsupials and are in the same family as koala bears and kangaroos. For more facts and not fiction, talk to your vets Marion, IA.


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