Rabbits Should Not Eat Avocados

If you have a pet rabbit you may have noticed that they love to eat a lot of greens and veggies especially fresh greens and veggies from your garden. It’s important to always check with your vet before feeding your rabbit new snacks even if they’re fruits and vegetables. There are a variety of things that rabbit can eat along with a variety of things rabbits cannot eat. For instance, do not feed your rabbit avocados. Whether they’re fresh and just sliced or a few leftover pieces from your salad, make sure you avoid feeding them to rabbits. Why? Avocados can poison your rabbit and not only make him sick, but could also make him die. They are toxic and if your rabbit eats one you should call your Burlington, ON veterinary clinic immediately. Sigs of poisoning may include lethargy, refusing to eat and drink, and a lack of going to the bathroom. Read more here.


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