Mouth Rot in Turtles

Are you familiar with mouth rot in reptiles? It’s a common health concern that affects lizards, snakes and even turtles. The medical name is Necrotic Stomatitis which basically refers to the inflammation of the oral cavity or the mouth. Mouth rot often appears as small hemorrhages on the gums or inflamed areas on the gums and possibly the lips of the mouth. It also appears as a white mucus in the actual mouth. This mucus may contain pus or even blood so make sure you don’t touch it. If you see this in your turtle, take him to your vet for an exam right away. The mouth rot is the result of bacteria that was unable to be regulated by the turtle’s immune system. This may happen if your turtle is already sick or if he is on poor diet or lives in a poor living environment. For more information, talk with your veterinary clinic North Phoenix, AZ.


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