What to do if a Dog Enters Your Yard

If you are outside in your own yard and a dog suddenly walks onto your property do you know what to do? Here are a few tips. First, if the dog looks angry, is salivating, growling, or acting oddly then you should calmly but quickly go indoors. The dog maybe sick or confused and could harm you even if accidental. Call your local animal control officer or police department to report the dog and ask for assistance if you’re unable to get indoors (i.e. you’re trapped in your car because the dog won’t leave). If the dog comes happily into your yard, talk quietly to him, smile, make eye contact, and allow him to approach and sniff (if you’re comfortable with that…if not go indoors slowly). If the dog allows, check his collar for ID so you can call the owner or report him as found. Offer him water in case he’s been out for a while. You can also call your vets Los Gatos, CAfor advice.


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