What Causes Anemia In Dogs?

Anemia occurs when there is an abnormal decrease in the red blood cells of the body. The condition can be caused by loss of blood such as during hemorrhage, breakdown of red blood cells, or a decrease in the production of red blood cells in the bone marrow. There are also various medical and non-medical conditions that can cause anemia in dogs. On top of the list is trauma, especially one that causes excessive bleeding – It may be a result of surgery or an injury in the external or internal part of the body. Blood-sucking parasites, such as hookworms and blood parasites, such as Babesia, are all important causes of blood loss in dogs. Heavy infestations can increase a dog’s risk to developing anemia. Dogs with blood clotting problems caused by certain disorders may suffer from uncontrolled bleeding and eventually anemia. Autoimmune disease, certain types of toxins, cancer, poor nutrition, and certain kinds of chronic disease are also potential causes of anemia in dogs. 

If your dog has been diagnosed with anemia, you should consult your vet Oshawa, ON about possible treatment options that are available. Visit this website for more information.


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