Your Pet Bird's Diet

To keep a bird healthy, they need a nutritionally complete diet with a specific mix of foods depending on the bird’s breed. Thus you need to research the specifics for your particular breed pet bird and understand what is needed in his diet. Most diets include a nutritional base mix of seeds or bird pellets. Most birds need a regular supply of fresh green vegetables. Small bits of fruit offer a nutritious treat. Larger birds may need to nibble on hard vegetables such as carrots or squash. These crunchy vegetables to keep the bills trim. Needed minerals can be suppled by giving your bird a cuttlebone or calcium block. Some birds need sandy grit to use when cracking seeds. All birds need access to fresh, clean water at all times. Keep your bird’s bowls clean of contamination from feces or feathers. Remove uneaten food daily so it doesn’t spoil. Contact your Glendale, AZ vet to learn more. Or set an appointment at this site Bell Animal and Bird Hospital.


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