Managing Your Cat's Nocturnal Behavior

Your cat is crepuscular, which means she is active during the dawn and dusk. This crepuscular nature prepares her for the best times to hunt if she was in the wild. Therefore, your cat will sleep most of the day and she may run around in the middle of the night. Use the dusk hours to your advantage by exercising and playing with your cat. Exercise and a full tummy before bedtime could fatigue your cat and allow you to get a little more sleep. If she comes into your room at night and yowls or jumps around, ignore her. If you react to this behavior you may reinforce it as a good way to get you up.  Set up an automated feeder to keep your cat from begging for food in the early morning hours. Give your cat fun toys outside your bedroom to keep her busy. Give your vet Glendale, AZ a call to learn more.


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