Understanding Why Your Dog Eats Grass

Many people assume that dogs eat grass when their stomach is upset, and this is somewhat true. Grass fibers are difficult to digest. Thus your dog may vomit, which ultimately makes your dog feel a bit better. However, your dog may eat grass to meet a nutritional need. Grass is high in fiber and essential nutrients. Ideally your dog’s food should meet his nutrition needs so purchase high quality food and read the label. Eating grass may indicate that your dog is bored so never leave him out in the yard for long periods of time with nothing to do. It may be as simple as your dog likes the taste and moisture he gets from eating grass. Consider giving him cooked vegetables instead. Grass can cause your dog to choke and and may be toxic if treated with pesticides or fertilizers. Consult your vet Glendale, AZ to learn more.


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